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Vučić: We agreed to hold a series of meetings, to lower tensions

January 25, 2017.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić stated last night that together with Priština’s high level delegation, and EU support, they agreed to hold a series of high level meetings within the dialogue, and to lower tensions in statements by officials.

 Aleksandar Vučić

In a statement for the press, after talks attended by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić, as well as the provincial Prime Minister and President, Isa Mustafa and Hasim Thaci, Vučić said the negotiations were exceptionally difficult and that certain things have been achieved through conversation about the things on which the positions are exceptionally opposed.

"With EU's support, we managed to agree to continue the dialogue, and hold a series of high level dialogues in the coming period. The agreement is also to lower tensions and try to behave responsibly, and to, either not talk about it or talk in a more serious way, not saying anything bad about the other side", Vučić said.

Vučić stressed that, when it comes to Belgrade, he would personally ask each minister and state official to behave in this way, adding he believes Belgrade would keep its word.

“This is important because people tend to underestimate our dialogue, and I am sure that tomorrow or the next day, it is unlikely that serious things will happen again, like the ones that occurred in the periovious days and weeks, that we interpreted in completely different ways”, Vučić said.

He said he believes such behaviour is good for our future, because without talks, as he said, we are going towards an impasse and increasing problems.

“This was a good step. I have always said that talks are healing and they mean a lot, even whithout a reached agreement or agreement implementation. Even such talks are good, because we are protecting people in the field, Serbs or Albanians”, Vučić said.

The Prime Minister noted that this shows we are able to understand the damage we can cause each other, unnecessary damage.

“I believe we can avoid that in any way in the future”, the Prime Minister concluded.

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