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Vučić: A great battle against Priština’s UNESCO bid is ahead

February 20, 2017. Source: Tanjug

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić expects a great battle in fall against Priština’s admission to UNESCO, but believes that we will take the victory once again.


When it comes to Priština’s attempt to ensure membership in the Council of Europe, that is a longer process, the Prime Minister said, but Belgrade has fewer chances to challenge this, then in the case of UNESCO.

“As far as UNESCO is concerned, we will do everything we can in accordance with our powers and possibilities. Do not forget that directly against us we have not only Albanians in Priština, but also some powerful countries, which co-sponsored Priština’s UNESCO bid”, Vučić stressed in a conversation with reporters in Vrbas.

“It will not be easy, but I believe we will win, as we won the last time”, Vučić said.

He believes that it is not a good message for the international community this kind of “terrible picture” that is sent by those whose main custom is urinating in Orthodox temples, demolition or removal of crosses from domes on Orthodox churches, and they should be the ones protecting these temples.

“All we can do is be civilized and oppose the attempt of political violence in a peaceful and dignified manner, and we will continue to do so. It will be difficult, but I believe we will take the victory once again”, Vučić said.

As for the Council of Europe, the Prime Minister says a longer process is up ahead, but Belgrade has fewer chances, given that two thirds are needed for entry.

“Europe is for us “the hardest territory”. I hope that Europe will take care of Serbia and that they do not wish to do this, but our options for action are fewer”, Vučić said.

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