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Ethnically motivated incidents in Kosovo and Metohija, 2021 Negotiation process with Pristina Operational Factsheet
Time elapsed since assuming the obligation of establishing CSM
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11 133 582 4078

Civil Protection

I. Integration of personnel of the Civil Protection (CP):

The integration process of individuals will be in line with the Brussels agreement and the Kosovo Law on Civil Service.

1. Belgrade party submitted a list of 751 members of the CP to be integrated into KVO institutions.

2. Pristina party offered in total 483 positions in the north, out of which 80 in the Agency for Emergency Management and 25 in the Kosovo Correctional Service; and 50 positions on contingency funds, meaning that they would receive salaries but final workplaces would be determined in the public sector within 3 years.

3. Eligibility: Out of 751 only the persons who are in possession of a valid KVO ID or a proof of application for a KVO ID, who are not yet on the payroll of any of the KVO institutions and who will pass the security check will be eligible for integration. Security check will be done by the KP and EULEX, and in case of a negative opinion justification will be given on individual basis to the candidate by the panel.

4. After establishing eligibility a panel will select individual candidates for specific positions based on expressed interest (more than one option), their education and professional experience.

5. In general, the panel will be composed of 4 members. Two members from KVO institutions; one representative of the former CP, and one representative of the EU. Specifically, for positions related to religious and cultural heritage (20 in total) the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) from Kosovo and the KVO Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sports will be consulted before final selection. By 8 April 2015 names for the panel members will be notified to the EU facilitator.

6. The above mentioned panel will be established on 27 April 2015, when the first meeting will take place. Meetings of the panel will take place in Pristina in the premises to be decided by the PR party.

7. The panel shall conclude its work no later than 14 August 2015, and all employment contracts shall be signed until 1 September 2015, when the whole process of integration shall be finished.

8. The panel will decide on the method of selection, including possible interviews to be conducted with specific candidates, if and when necessary. It is the obligation of the candidates and their current employer to provide all additional information as requested by the panel.

9. The panel will first decide on the selection of candidates in the field of emergency response (80 positions) and correctional service personnel (25 positions). Selection for these positions is to be concluded by 15 June 2015 and contracts signed by 1 July 2015.

10. Following individual selection and written notification by the panel, the candidates will have 15 days to sign the employment contract and declaration (draft in annex). PR party will do everything necessary to expedite issuance of documents. In case a selected candidate does not sign the employment contract and declaration in 15 days after receiving the panel notification the position will be offered to another candidate and this person will be removed from the list of persons eligible for integration. In case candidates selected between 15 July and 14 August 2015 fail to sign the contract and the declaration additional 30 days (until 15 September 2015) will be given to the panel to make a new selection and offer unfilled positions to other eligible candidates.

11. All offered positions will be filled with eligible candidates, former members of the CP.

II. Handling of premises and equipment of the CP:

12. BG party provided to the EU facilitator a list and locations of premises and »observation points« currently manned by the members of the CP.

13. The three observation points on the road between Mitrovica and Jarinje will be removed from the road by 20 April 2015, and the observation point located on the northern side of the Main Bridge in Mitrovica will be handed over to the KP also by 20 April 2015. The process will be monitored and verified by the KP and EULEX.

14. Based on the provided list of premises, PR party will make an assessment which premises can continue to be used for the purpose of opening relevant KVO institutions, where integrated personnel will be working. It is responsibility of PR party to provide, equip and renovate these and other necessary additional premises until 1 September 2015 at the latest. The handing over of the premises will start after the panel can verify to the EU facilitator full integration of 105 members of the CP. The process will be gradual, concluding not later than 20 July 2015.

15. Any surveillance, including technical equipment and situation centre, will be removed and/or handed over to the KP by 20 April 2015.

16. The BG party informed that the CP is in possession of around 500 official jackets. The BG party will in writing inform the EU facilitator about discontinuation of official use of these jackets on the day of the integration of the first 105 selected candidates. During and after integration the former members of the CP will not be allowed to wear any kind of uniforms or civilian clothes resembling uniforms with insignia of the CP. After integration the employer will decide on a dress code, including uniforms when and if appropriate, depending on institution into which personnel is integrated.

17. BG party will provide an inventory of all equipment currently in use and possession of the CP to the EU facilitator by 24 April 2015. The PR party will decide which equipment will continue to be used by KVO institutions in the northern municipalities, remaining equipment will be transferred to the BG Party, which will be verified by the KP and EULEX.

18. BG party provided a written confirmation that the CP and its members are not in possession of any official weapons. In case PR party is able to provide credible evidence that the CP is in possession of official weapons it will inform the EU facilitator and EULEX and the KP will jointly conduct search operations without pre-notification.

III. Notifications:

19. BG Party will by 24 April 2015 inform in writing the EU facilitator about discontinuation of paying salaries and providing any financial means for the CP in Kosovo by 1 September 2015, except for person falling under point 10 until 15 September 2015, and adopt necessary internal regulation to implement this decision. A copy of this regulation will be provided to the EU facilitator by 1 September 2015.

20. BG Party will by 24 April 2015 inform the EU facilitator in writing that CP in Kosovo will no longer exist within the Serbian system from 1 September 2015 on.

Ethnically motivated incidents in Kosovo and Metohija, 2021 Negotiation process with Pristina Operational Factsheet
Time elapsed since assuming the obligation of establishing CSM
Year Month Week Day
11 133 582 4078